For those struggling with baldness and hair loss, MAX Hair Clinic offers Satin Lace hair systems which serve a high degree of natural looking appearance. Our superlative quality craftsmanship makes these hair cosmetic systems offer 100% natural looks. MAX Hair Clinic offers silk lace systems which assure ultimate versatility and convenient installation. These cosmetic hair systems offer a healthy and undetectable solution to alleviate any signs of baldness and hair loss.


Live your life to the fullest and cherish major transformation with MAX Satin Lace cosmetic hair systems

  • The levels of precision along with undetectable natural looks make MAX satin lace hair systems in India highly desirable. These hair patch systems offer complete versatility and worry-free application.

    Advantages of Satin Lace :

    Match Colour and hair texture Zero Skin irritation
    Comfort Versatile styling choices
    Versatile and convenient Long lasting
    Better scalp breathability
Why Choose MAX hair’s Satin Lace?
Highest quality human hair Ultra-realistic looks
Non-invasive Affordable

Having delivered a high number of non-surgical hair replacement systems, MAX Hair Clinic offers complete assistance in choosing perfect hair styles that complement your natural aesthetics and ensure an affordable remedy against the concerns of hair loss and baldness.
With an increased preference for natural alternatives of hair replacement, MAX Hair Clinic brings forth an innovative solution to mitigate any signs of baldness.