MAX Dura hair systems offer you an undeniable opportunity to completely transform your life and appearance with an innovative non-invasive hair replacement solution. Suitable for all lifestyles and with guaranteed longevity, the MAX Dura cosmetic hair systems are made from high-quality 100% natural human hair. These hair systems are designed to completely hide the balding areas and offer you an undetectable cover for receding hairlines. With superior grip and all-round protection, you can fully live your normal life without facing any concern from use of the cosmetic hair systems. Our Dura hair systems guarantee maximum hold and suite active lifestyles as well.

The super fine natural hair fibers come in all types of colors and textures to perfectly match your existing hair.


Why choose MAX hair’s Dura?

Superior grip Superfine natural hair
All-around protection Guaranteed longevity

A highly porous hair system ensuring optimum breathability

MAX Hair Clinic Dura hair system in India is a result of cutting-edge innovation combined with years of expertise in hair replacement. As the name suggests, this non-surgical solution to hair loss ensures maximum durability. Our cosmetic department procures its cosmetic hair systems directly from MAX HAIR branch in USA. Our state-of-the-art innovative solutions and a high assurance of client satisfaction has resulted in complete transformations for men and women across all age groups. Helping you find the ideal solutions against your hair loss concerns and giving you that extra boost of confidence is what our innovative Dura hair cosmetic systems do.
The Dura lace hair system offers a long-lasting base and is highly accoladed for its ultimate resilience. Made from natural-looking and breathable materials, you can cherish uncompromised comfort even after prolonged application of these hair systems.

Long-lasting base Ultimate resilience
Breathable materials Uncompromised comfort

Cherish maximum comfort from a hassle-free cosmetic hair system from MAX Hair Clinic

Woven with 100% natural human hair and allowing dense textures as well as better styling, MAX Dura hair cosmetic system is a benchmark alterative to invasive hair restoration procedures. With a skin-friendly base suitable for sensitive scalp and a fully customized fitting, our cosmetic hair solutions are best suited for people suffering from advanced grades of alopecia. By covering any bald areas and allowing for an appearance of a head full of hair, these Dura cosmetic hair systems in India instantly take your looks to an all-new level. Our products are directly imported from our procuring branch USA and suffice the highest standards of quality and durability.

100% Natural human
Suitable for sensitive scalp Head full of hair